Sanjib Sinha

Author, Technologue Romantique

Hello and welcome to my web-site where you can find out all about my books, latest stories, projects, writings and more.

I write Stories and Codes for my Books... and I help people innovate digitally...

Silent As the Dead

Reviews ensure one thing: you must grow up into a responsible author...

About writing technology: it should be as beautiful as a tree...

sanjib sinha - Beginning Ethical Hacking with Python

Ethical Hacking with Python

Learn the basics of ethical hacking and gain insights into the logic of Python.

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sanjib sinha - Beginning Laravel

Beginning Laravel

Learn about dependency injection, interfaces, SOLID Design and more...

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PHP 7: Design Pattern

PHP 7: Design Pattern

Learn about Design Patterns concepts of PHP 7 along with other features.

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