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A letter on Laravel from Vietnam

Beginning Laravel
Beginning Laravel

I’d like to share a letter which I’ve got few days back and I think, it’s really inspiring for any author.
The letter came from Vietnam and the reader wrote it after reading my book “Beginning Laravel” by Apress.
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Environment in Laravel 5.3

Laravel comes with many stunning features. One of them is definitely database migrations. In the next chapter we’ll discuss about migration in detail.
Before that we need to understand our environment properly. What is environment in Laravel? If you look at the document root you will find an ‘.env’ file. It basically says about the database connections. Where would we get that default database set up file? In the ‘config’ folder, we have a ‘database.php’ file. Open it up and see the content.

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Routing in Laravel 5.3

Routing, a Static Method


Routing is the concept of setting up a new URI like http://localhost:8000/hello. It will take you to a destination web page. Laravel makes it extremely simple. It’s a static method that accepts two things: an URI and an anonymous function or Closure.
In the ‘app/Http/routes.php’ it’s been defined primarily. Start your favorite text editor and open the file. What you see?
You see some code like this:

Route::get('/', function () {
return view('welcome');

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