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Sanjib Sinha is an Author, and Full Stack Web Developer. He writes stories; as well as codes. His book "The Beginning Ethical Hacking with Python" (Apress) has been one of the most downloaded IT books in 2016-17 (Provided by Bookmetrix). Know his journey as a writer: http://sanjibsinha.com. He loves to connect through his social media handle: @sanjibsinha.

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Custom Post Type in WordPress for PHP Developers

Sometimes you need a custom post type in your WordPress application. Let me explain why you need it first? Wordpress … More Custom Post Type in WordPress for PHP Developers

WordPress Coding from Scratch

I just want to share my wordpress coding exercises with my readers.

The very first in this series is “wordpress coding from scratch”. It will teach you how to start your own wordpress theme from the scratch with minimum coding.

You need to create a theme folder in the “wp-content/theme” folder.

Suppose we name it “my-theme”.
In that folder you create a ‘style.css’ file and write few lines of code that can just start your first wordpress site.
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How to start MySQL in Linux terminal

Very simple step. Type this command on your terminal:

mysql -u root -p

It’ll ask for your password that you had given while installing mysql on your Ubuntu machine.
Give the password and it’ll show something like this:

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