Do not hesitate to compare James Hadley Chase with James Joyce

I know what you think.

You think that there is another lunatic who wants to tell something that is close to madness. I am not mad, and it is not wrong to assume that I might have lost my mind. The headline is simply overwhelming.

Why is it overwhelming? It is because our society has decided it already. What is the decision? The ubiquitous decision is, James Joyce should be placed in the hierarchy. We have created a society that always believes in comparison and hierarchy.

The comparison is necessary. In any mathematical calculation, we need to compare two values with some operator signs. Is it equal? Is it greater than that or less than that? That is a numerical value and by this value, we can ascertain who is the fastest runner or fastest swimmer. In that sense, it is beyond doubt that James Hadley Chase is more popular and widely read. The number system goes backward here. In fact, number system fails here.

How does it happen? It happens because our society has decided that opinions will always ascertain literary value. Here number does not matter. Opinion matters. Whose opinion? Literate people. People, who have read a lot, passed many difficult examinations and got many degrees. They are intelligent and intellectual people, controlling our education system. They are LITERARY GODS who have set some rules and regulations that decide who is a better author and who is not.

We have come here knowing that we should not break rules set by literate people.

I am not suggesting you break the rules. I am not suggesting that they have been wrong to decide that James Joyce is a better writer. Unfortunately, you read most of the James Hadley novels and you like it. You might have tried to read James Joyce and found it tough to dig deep. You have found it, in simple language, very uninteresting and boring. You are not wrong.

This is not a question of right or wrong. It is another question of not talking through your hat. You are not going to talk about something silly that you do not understand or about something that you have not enjoyed. You are pouring out your heart. You are not hesitating about speaking your mind, hoping that it does not hurt someone.

If it does not hurt, just go ahead. Say it cheerfully that you like Hadley Chase, not Joyce.

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