Are you restless?

Are you suffering from the excessive unease and disquiet? It is not your fault. You cannot also fault your father or mother. Neither of them has any responsibility. We are all restless, and we have to deal with this problem judiciously.
First, give yourself some time to find out the root cause.
There are many causes, that could make you restless. It could be either external and most of the time it is internal.
We should have an intelligent approach towards the external causes. We are not in the position to control them always. So we need to act wisely, taking sane decisions. Sometimes, we need to wait and decide.
The internal causes often lie under the carpet. Most of the time, we cannot detect and sometimes we detect but overlook. We do not give it the proper attention it needs.
The fatal one is our unsatisfied libido. When we cross the invisible boundary of adolescence and enter adulthood, two major forces try to control our lives. The first one is hunger and the second is libido.
Nature has chosen us to produce offspring. Our ancestors had done the same. We are here to do the same except that we are now more equipped with science and technology. Now we have several birth-control methods.
But can we control our libido? Is there any technology? I think the answer is negative.
Our ancestors had faced the dilemma. We are now facing the same dilemma. The force of hunger is simpler than the second one – libido.
The force of libido is more complex and critical. It is like a many-headed monster that can either satisfy you or completely destroy you.
We need to discuss this issue separately. So please consider this piece as the first part. In the next part, we will discuss it in great detail.

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