How to keep your personal and professional lives separated

You have many lives.
Probably that leading actor does not know that. When someone breaks her heart, she falls apart; she goes to the prayer-place and cries before the Almighty. She is devastated and it affects her professional life greatly.
Yes, in one life you have many layers and imagine every contour of those layers in different colors. It has many shapes – those layers. I am not going to talk about every layer now as you understand, very well, that a human being comes up with many complexities, many psychological traits that are still yet to be mapped properly.
Let us talk about only two layers today.
One is our personal life and another is professional life. Often they are interlinked and tend to affect each other.
When we think about our personal lives, we often find that it varies from one person to the other. Our brain receives data constantly from the outer world mainly through three body organs – eye, ear, and skin.
We see, hear and touch things and usually react differently – it might be a passive one or active one. When we stay passive, it does not mean that it is static. It could be dynamic. Sometimes, we feel some impact and forget it immediately. Sometimes, it is stored in our memory and torments later. Sometimes, you have control over it and sometimes not. The same is true for the active one. Active reactions also vary from person to person. You have seen some hyperactive people. Is not it?
In our professional life, things start getting slightly complex. We need to handle different types of people who are different in nature. It is wise to say that they have different personal lives. And, many of them carry those personal lives to their offices. It affects them and they start affecting other people, their colleagues. They feign to work all the time but actually do nothing except disturbing other people, interfering, poking their dirty noses into matters that they are not supposed to look after.
Now, place yourselves in their position. Will you do the same?
I can see your disturbed face. You are grumbling, “No. I do not like to disturb other people. I want to do my job only.”
Okay, that is fine. You have a positive side in your nature. You want peace and do not want to disrupt that peaceful state. You may ask why these people carry their personal lives to the office and let them enter into their professional lives.
Generally, we are designed to do that. You, I and other people.
We need to understand this design. Try to follow the rules and redesign it in a way so that personal lives stay separated. Stay focused on your professional life; always remember that there are many peaks to reach. Try to spend a good quality time with your family and try to make friends with people who have real qualities to be real friends.
If someone breaks your heart, try to forget it fast; it is good that he or she leaves you early before making more damages. Consider it as a bad investment. Do not waste your time chasing bad memories. Never allow those moments enter your working life.
When you work hard, everything stays behind. Only the satisfaction of good works continues. Remember, in your personal life, people will come and go. Very few of them will add great value.

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