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In my Heart of Hearts

I am not talking through my hat...some simple observations on complex isuues...

How to keep your personal and professional lives separated

You have many lives.

Probably that leading actor does not know that. When someone breaks her heart, she falls apart; she goes to the church and cries before the Almighty. She is devastated and it affects her professional life greatly.

Know yourself, your restlessness may finally come to your help

Are you restless?

Are you suffering from the excessive unease and disquiet? It is not your fault. You cannot also fault your father or mother. Neither of them has any responsibility. We have to deal with this problem judiciously.

Don't hesitate to compare James Hadley Chase with James Joyce

I know what you think.

You think that there is another lunatic who wants to tell something that is close to madness. I am not mad, and it is not wrong to assume that I might have lost my mind. The headline is simply overwhelming.

You, I and everybody have some dreams, but after that what happens

Most of us get frustrated.

Dreaming is not wrong. Dreaming big is, in fact, very good. It proves that you have an imagination that others usually don't have. But, the question is, to fulfill that dream, what we do? Usually We get lost, quite easily.

My Journey as a StoryTeller

Reviews ensure one thing: you must grow up into a responsible author...

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About writing technology: it should be as beautifully branched as a tree...